How long do I need therapy?

Each person and their situation is different. I usually recommend giving yourself at least 12 sessions and then reassessing. When I meet with clients, we come up with a plan for how many sessions and when to start to taper the sessions. It may look something like weekly sessions for the first 4-6 weeks and tapering to a session every two weeks, and so on. When clients complete treatment they always have the option of coming back if they feel they need help down the road.

What is intensive therapy?

This type of therapy is for a client who needs more than 1 session per week. These clients may have a crisis going on or have not been in therapy before and need extra support as they tackle previous and present issues at the same time, or have come fresh out of residential or partial hospitalization programs for Alcoholism/Addiction. WE OFFER A DISCOUNT PACKAGE FOR MORE THAN 1 SESSION A WEEK. Just ask!

What is group therapy and is it right for me?

Group therapy can provide a dynamic experience in your healing and growing process. Benefits of group therapy can include but are not limited to; realizing you are not alone, learning how to support and receive support, learning to relate to others and yourself in healthier ways. Group therapy is often times less expensive than individual therapy. Good candidates for group therapy are those suffering with anxiety, grief and loss, recovery from substance abuse and family members who have a loved one suffering from addiction.

Why do you call addiction a disease?

Cutting edge science is revealing the neurological connection that drives addictive behavior and responses. Because the brain is an organ and this organ becomes affected and dysregulated affecting the body and mind, addiction is now classified as a disease. Research is beginning to show that the brain can take up to 1 ½ to 2 years to heal and come back on line once the person is clean and sober. Your loved one will be tasked with having to learn to live life and cope with stressors in a new way.  This is why your loved one and the family needs substantial support, addiction affects the whole family. We provide quality counseling, psychotherapy, support and education whose foundation is science and methods that have been proven over time to be most effective at healing the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Check out ‘Pleasure Unwoven’ DVD for an introduction to understanding Alcoholism/Addiction as a disease.

which insurance company's do you accept?

At this time we accept PacificSource, Regence Blue Cross / Blue Shield, First Choice Health, United Health Care, Aetna, Providence, Multiplan, PHCS. We are currently working to add more options in the near future.  We are also willing to be considered an out of network provider and we will provide you with a super bill.

We offer a sliding fee scale for those who need it, just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions