Our guiding principles:

Provide: quality counseling, psychotherapy, support and education

Empower: individuals to better navigate the difficulties of life and flourish

Promote: a person’s holistic wellbeing; mind, body and spirit

Complete Wellness is a private practice that also offers intensive treatment plans according to client needs. We offer confidential, professional counseling services that empower you to navigate the difficulties of life so you can move forward and flourish. We provide free consultation and customized treatment options to match your individual needs.

Linda Dreisbach LCSW- Oregon #L7394 California #75536

As co-founder of Complete Wellness I understand that you are not a problem but life has a lot of them. From the pressures of work, struggles with relationships, finding out about a mental health diagnosis such as Major Depression, to struggling with Addiction, all are welcome in my therapy room without judgement. The pursuit of Complete Wellness is to create with you a life in which you thrive and not “just survive.”

Linda is a graduate of the University of Southern California and now works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in dual diagnosis and child/family therapy. She has dedicated her life to helping people flourish and has worked extensively in underserved diverse populations at home and abroad.


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